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Parks & Recreation
12/6/2018 7:00 PM


   December 6, 2018


Members present:               Steve Bryer, Chairman

                                                Jim Donahue, Secretary

                                                Mary Anderson

                                                Jim Hembree

                                                Marty Wade


Others present:                      Nancy Opalka, Director of Parks & Recreation


Absent:                                   Eileen Silver, Supervisor Liaison


Mr. Bryer called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


A motion was made and seconded (Anderson/Hembree) to approve the minutes from the October 4, 2018 meeting.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


Citizens Concerns -There were no Citizens Concerns.


Unfinished Business


Civic Center Restroom Project – The restroom project is 99% finished.  Punchlist items remain including reseeding of the lawn area.  The restrooms will open in March 2019, when the weather breaks. 


The Civic Center Improvement Project - The survey of the entire Recreation Complex and the Country Club are being done together. The aerial survey was completed, and the ground crew started their work in the last week in November. Once the field work is complete, it will take a few weeks to compile the data and develop a survey file which should be done by the end of December. It is still planned to bid the project in February/March.  Mr. Wade questioned the need to spend the time and incur the cost of a detailed survey when the proposed work involves just a specific area.


New Business


Field User requirements - Ms. Opalka developed a new form entitled User Group Accreditation Form, which allows the President of the Accredited Group to check off a number of items required when submitting the required documents. She further explained the need to have all documents submitted annually.  She also clarified that although current by-laws may be on file they are needed from everyone this year whether or not they have been revised.  In the past they were only collected if they were revised.  Because the documents will be kept in a digital format from now on and we want to be sure to have current bylaws for 2018.   Mr. Bryer announced that going forward, the rosters that are turned in to the Township are to be team rosters and must include players’ addresses and dates of birth.  If the organization needs to submit the rosters with addresses and birth dates in a different format, that is acceptable as long team rosters are submitted as well. 


Mr. Bryer reported which user groups still has outstanding items:

  • Northampton Indians Football - professional affiliation letter. 
  • Council Rock United Soccer - balance sheet
  • Council Rock Basketball - bylaws and balance sheet.


Review of 2019 Fee Schedule -Ms. Opalka sent out a draft of the 2019 Fee Schedule.  The changes from the 2018 schedule include an increase in the rate for use of Township Staff.   Fees for scheduled use of the new pavilion at the new restrooms have to be added.  As with the other pavilion rentals, residents still pay only an application fee. The 2019 Fee Schedule will be voted on at the January 2019 meeting.


2019 Meeting Dates - The Board of Supervisors is creating a Parks and Recreation Ordinance as the Board was created by resolution in 1976.  The ordinance will stipulate that the Parks and Recreation Board will have five (5) members and will meet a minimum of four times per year.  Parks and Recreation Board meetings will be scheduled and advertised, as needed, on the first and third Thursday each month.  Meetings will be cancelled if a meeting is not needed. 


Field Usage – not all 2019 Field Use Applications from the Accredited User Groups have been received.  However, it appears that there is a conflict between NIFA and CRUSA for field use. Mr. Wade will meet with Football and Soccer to help work out a resolution. 


The Civic Center Improvements include work on the far rear practice areas and may include work in the basin which would affect field use for NIFA and CRUSA.  Other issues being addressed by the improvement project which will also affect use are the middle parking lot and the traffic flow within the park.  Mr. Bryer feels the Board has a good plan to address these issues and asked the groups to be patient during the anticipated construction.


Report of Field Users


Council Rock Basketball – Mr. Teitelman reported that, he believes in his years with the program, this year has the most registrations and that basketball program in general is growing.  It appears that there are more girls registered in the middle school age group.  If this program remains strong, it is likely that a girls high school program may be rejuvenated in the near future.


Council Rock Holland Little League – Mr. Spera reported that clinics will start in January.  Registration begins next week.  The League is planning on converting the 90’ field to a 60’ field with work beginning as soon as the weather permits.  The 90’ field at Big Meadow will remain and will be game ready.


Council Rock Northampton Baseball – there was no representative present.


Council Rock United Soccer – there was no representative present.


Northampton Girls Softball – Mr. Ed Salamon and Ms. Cynthia Laggen represented NGSA as two board members. Mr. Chris Mallon has resigned from the NGSA board. They have already met with Ms. Opalka and Mr. Bryer to discuss the transition.


Northampton Indians Football and Cheerleading – Mr. Steve Sydlick reported that everything is put away at the Civic Center as the season has ended.  No teams advanced this year. However, cheerleaders are still participating in private competitions. Flag Football registration will start in mid-January.


Report of Parks and Recreation Director


Ms. Opalka reported that the Winter brochure went out as scheduled at the end of November.  The first day available to register for camp, 10 registrations were received.  As of December 5, 2018, 80 camp registrations were recorded, totaling $42,000 in revenue already collected in camp fees.


The Book and Bedtime program sponsored by Parks and Recreation but held at the Library took place December 5th and 6th.  Children come in their pajamas to hear Mrs. Claus read a few books and then they visit with Santa. This is an extremely popular program.  Families have made this a holiday tradition.


Ms. Opalka also reported that the Township received a DCNR grant for $270,000 towards the playground improvement project proposed by the Miracle League.  This is a $600,000 project and the Miracle League will continue to fundraise.


Ms. Opalka thanked the Parks and Recreation Board and the sports groups for their support throughout the year. 


Mr. Bryer and the Parks and Recreation Board members wished everyone Happy Holidays. 


Report of Supervisor Liaison -There was no Supervisor Liaison present.


Citizens Concerns -There were no Citizens Concerns.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:43 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Donahue, Secretary


Next meeting January 3, 2019, 7:00 pm.


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