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Parks & Recreation
1/3/2019 7:00 PM


January 3, 2019


Members present:               Steve Bryer, Chairman

                                                Jim Donahue, Vice Chairman

                                                Jim Hembree, Secretary

                                                Mary Anderson

                                                Marty Wade


Others present:                    Nancy Opalka, Director of Parks & Recreation

                                                Eileen Silver, Supervisor


Mr. Bryer called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.


A motion was made and seconded (Hembree/Anderson) to approve the minutes from the December 6, 2018 meeting.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


Reorganization of the Board


A motion (Donahue/Anderson) was made and seconded to nominate Mr. Bryer for Chairman. There were no other nominations.  The motion passed unanimously.


A motion (Hembree/Anderson) was made and seconded to nominate Mr. Donahue for Vice Chairman.  There were no other nominations.  The motion passed unanimously.


A motion (Wade/Bryer) was made to nominate Mr. Hembree for Secretary.  There were no other nominations.  The motion passed unanimously.


Citizens’ Concerns

There were no Citizens Concerns.


Unfinished Business


2019 Fee Schedule - A motion (Wade/Donahue) was made and seconded to approve the 2019 Fee Schedule as submitted.  The motion passed unanimously.


Civic Center Improvement Project - The property surveys are finished and Gilmore is now preparing the plan. The Board would like to review the documents before finalizing them before the project goes out to bid. Ms. Opalka was asked to see if documents would be ready for a January 17th meeting.  Mr. Wade expressed his displeasure that Gilmore and Associates does not have documents ready yet.


Mr. Bryer asked Ms. Opalka to request the information from Gilmore by January 10th so the Board would have time to review.  Ms. Silver said she would reach out to find out what is going on with Gilmore.


New Business


Donation of Lights - As has been reported in the past, Spring Mill Country Club is developing 30 acres of the golf course for townhouses.  The townhouses will be built on the area where the chip and putt course was is currently situated.  Mr. Bryer asked Spring Mill to donate the golf chip and putt course lights. Spring Mill agreed but the lights and poles will have to be taken down by the Township before construction begins. Mr. Wade had the light fixtures surveyed and believes that there are more than enough to light the Civic Center basin area.  Discussion with the Board of Supervisors and the Township Manager is needed to solidify this idea.


Report of Field Users


Council Rock Basketball – Mr. Dave Teitelman reported that registration for spring will begin shortly.  The spring league will begin mid-April and the Summer League will run June to July 31st.  Mr. Teitelman said it is fulfilling to see so many kids playing basketball.


Council Rock Holland Little League – Mr. Pete Spera reported that Holland Baseball will run a winter clinic at the NAC until the end of March. They are also looking to begin renovations to the bathrooms as well as roof and siding repair. Field work to convert the 90’ field will begin early spring and hopefully be ready for tournament play.


Council Rock Northampton Baseball – there was no representative present.


Council Rock United Soccer – there was no representative present.


Northampton Girls Softball – Mr. Dustin Oaks represented NGSA and reported that they recently had elections and there is a new board.  Mr. Ed Salamon is the President.  Also, NGSA is leaning toward on-line registrations only. The Board and Ms. Opalka welcomed Mr. Oaks.


Northampton Indians Football and Cheerleading – Mr. Steve Szydlik reported that they are planning their spring league and all is going.  Mr. Wade commented that the Civic Center field #4 was not worse for wear than if soccer used the field.  Ms. Silver asked when NIFA will get their own field.  Mr. Bryer said the Board is looking at a plan that would create single use fields for all sports.


Report of Parks and Recreation Director


Ms. Opalka reported the following:


  • She received an e-mail from a resident whose children grew up in our programs and felt that our programs are designed to and successfully teach children life-long skills.  Ms. Silver asked that Ms. Opalka forward the e-mail to her so it could be included in the Township newsletter. 


  • $86,000 in revenue for 2019 camp registration was collected in December 2018. 


  • Request for 5K Runs at the Municipal Park are beginning to be made.  If groups are having any special events they need to inform Ms. Opalka so there are no conflicts.


  • Letters for the Banner Program are going out next week.


  • Lastly, the Parks and Recreation Department has moved into its’ new office space and everyone is settling in. 


Report of Supervisor Liaison


Ms. Silver announced that this will be her last meeting, since a new Liaison will be appointed.  She wanted to thank everyone for their cooperation and said it was refreshing to see that the Board really cares about kids and the community.  Ms. Silver also thanked the Sports Groups for their cooperation throughout her term.


Ms. Silver further reported that the Board of Supervisors passed an Ordinance making the Parks and Recreation Board a 5 member board and hopes it will work out well. 


The Miracle League supports people with special needs from kids to adults and they want to expand the playground at the Municipal Park. Ms. Silver asked the sports groups if they are planning any special events perhaps they can consider helping the Miracle League raise funds.  She has ideas for a fundraiser: a Pajama Ball.  She will be reaching out to the Miracle League to discuss it.


Ms. Opalka announced that the Miracle League has approximately $200,000 and needs to continue to fundraise.  Plans are to hold another Invincible Dinner in October.


Citizens Concerns

There were no Citizens Concerns.




Mr. Bryer said Northampton Days will be held on May 5, 2019 and perhaps a fund raiser for the playground could be held then.  There will be more inflatables and some attractions will be free. 


Mr. Donahue announced that there will be a Free Throw Contest sponsored by the Knights of Columbus at the Recreation Center on January 21, 2019 for boys and girls, 9-14 years old.  There is no charge. 


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:57 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim Hembree, Secretary




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