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Parks & Recreation
9/5/2019 7:00 PM


September 5, 2019


Members present:                              Steve Bryer, Chairman

Mary Anderson

                                                               Marty Wade


Others present:                                   Nancy Opalka, Director of Parks & Recreation


Absent:                                                  Jim Hembree, Secretary

                                                              Dr. Kim Rose, Supervisor Liaison



Mr. Bryer called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


A motion was made to approve the minutes from the August 15, 2019 meeting.  The minutes were approved unanimously.


Citizens’ Concerns


There were no Citizens Concerns.


Unfinished Business


Civic Center Improvement Project - Work on this project has begun.  Mr. Bryer handed out a tentative work schedule.  Work has started in the basin and on the practice area.  Work on parking lot #3 and storm sewers is on schedule for next week. Discussion took place regarding the project.  Mr. Wade questioned the layout of the security fencing and the closing of the trail around the basin. The fencing must block off all areas affected by construction and in some areas construction will be right up against the existing trail.  Mr. Bryer questioned the location of the trail in/near the football field end-zone. Ms. Opalka reported that she has had conversation with the engineer and the trail will be situated so it won’t impact any field.


Discussion took place regarding lighting of the basin as well as the newly designated CC2 multipurpose field. Estimates are expected shortly for the multipurpose and the 290 baseball field.  This project will not need to be publicly bid as the supplier and installer are approved COSTARS vendors.  COSTARS are a Pennsylvania approved cooperating purchase program.


New Business


2020 Budget - Board members were given 2019-2020 operating budget information to review.   Ms. Opalka year-end estimates are predicted to be $30,000 short on revenue but $39,000 less in expenses. Mr. Bryer directed the Board members to provide Ms. Opalka with any feedback and/or questions by September 12th.    


User Group Rosters - Mr. Bryer handed out sample rosters so that the user groups can see the format that the rosters need to be in when submitted.  All groups are to submit team rosters and one large league roster.  The groups were directed to communicate with Ms. Opalka any questions or concerns.  As the fall seasons have already begun the groups were reminded that rosters are now due.


Report of Committees- There were no Committee Reports.


Report of Field Users


Council Rock Basketball – represented by Mr. Rob Martin, hasn’t started the Fall/Winter season yet.  Mr. Martin reported that he checked with the High School for additional court availability and there is none.  As far as outdoor court use they will request the outdoor courts for the spring and summer season if needed.


Council Rock Holland Baseball – There was no representative present.


Council Rock Northampton Baseball – represented by Mr. Jim Gallagher.  Mr. Gallagher reported that they are working with American Legion for field use and that Ms. Opalka has been made aware of the dates.  The groups were reminded that if anyone is using the fields on a regular basis that do not have permits or if the fields are being used for anything other than sports after business hours the police should be called.  The fields have not been allocated for dog training.


Council Rock United Soccer – represented by Mr. Lew Spiewak, had nothing to report. 


Northampton Girls Softball – represented by Ms. Heidi Steenburgh, said their fall season starts this weekend and goes through October.  There are 90 girls registered to play.


Northampton Indians Football – There was no representative present.


Report of Parks and Recreation Director


Ms. Opalka reported that all should have received the fall brochure in the mail. There are a few new programs, including PAL’s, a program for adults with special needs.


The Municipal Park playground project is picking up speed as the Miracle League continues to fundraise.  The Miracle League has scheduled a Halloween fundraiser at The Fuge on November 2nd.  The Landing of Southampton, a new Assisted Living facility in Southampton held an information expo and is donating the registration fees collected plus a match from the company.  Ms. Opalka mentioned that Classic Auto Detail, a new business that opened in the township, which employs adults with disabilities has planned to make a donation based on a September promotion.  It appears that work on the playground will start late Fall 2020 with installation in the spring of 2020.  A community build concept is planned which requires volunteers to help assemble the equipment.


Report of Supervisor Liaison


There was no supervisor present.


Citizens’ Concerns


There were no Citizens Concerns.


Mr. Bryer handed out flyers announcing the Northampton Day Festival, which will be held on Saturday, September 28th at the former Richboro Middle School and invited everyone to attend. 


Mr. Bryer went on to mention that the Parks and Recreation Board is an Advisory Board and currently their goal is to get the Civic Center Project finished.


Mr. Wade asked if Ms. Opalka could arrange for a tour of the impacted areas of the Civic Center on a weekly basis. 


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:43 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Nancy Opalka, Director

Parks and Recreation

Next meeting:   To be announced.



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