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Board of Supervisors
10/28/2020 6:30 PM

The agenda meeting of the Northampton Township Board of Supervisors took place virtually using the Zoom platform. The virtual meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.


Present were:

Adam Selisker

Eileen Silver

Dr. Kimberly Rose

Frank O’Donnell

Barry Moore

Robert Pellegrino

William Wert

Joseph Pizzo

Amanda Fuller

Agenda items were reviewed and discussed.


The regular business meeting of the Northampton Township Board of Supervisors took place virtually using the Zoom platform. The virtual meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.

Members of the Board present were:

Adam Selisker

Eileen Silver

Dr. Kimberly Rose

Frank O’Donnell

Barry Moore

Others present were:

Robert Pellegrino, Township Manager

Amanda Fuller, Township Engineer

Joseph Pizzo, Township Solicitor



Chairman Selisker led the Pledge of Allegiance and held a moment of silence in support of military and emergency services personnel.



Chairman Selisker explained the procedures for public comment and how to email questions to be read and answered. Chairman Selisker also provided an update on the status of the Township and its operations.


None was heard.



The Board meeting minutes of September 23, 2020, were approved by unanimous consent.


The accounts payable of October 14, 2020, for $2,671,084.36 and, of October 28, 2020, for $952,452.60, were approved by unanimous consent.


Preliminary/Final Plan of Minor Subdivision, Davis Minor Subdivision, 805 Sackettsford Rad

Mr. Moore stated Mr. Joseph Blackburn, of Wisler, Pearlstein, LLC, the attorney for the project, and Mr. Mark Havers, of Pickering, Corts and Summerson, and the project engineer are available for questions and comments during this discussion.

Mr. Moore outlined the project as follows: Located along the north side of Sackettsford Road, 500 feet northwest of Orchard Road, the proposal is to subdivide a 287,834 square foot parcel into two lots of 2.103 acres (Lot1) and 15.78 acres (Lot 2).  An existing dwelling on Lot 1 is to remain.  No construction is proposed on Lot 2 at this time.  On-lot water and sewage serve the site.

The CR – Country Residential District permits single-family dwellings on lots having a minimum area of 2 acres and a minimum lot width of 200 feet.


The following was submitted to the Board  for their review:


1.         Pickering, Corts, and Summerson  – Waiver Letter – October 16, 2020;

2.         Gilmore & Associates, Inc. – Review letter – October 13, 2020;

3.         Pennoni Associates - Review letter – October 8, 2020;

4.         McMahon Associates – Review letter – October 15, 2020;

5.         Township Planning Commission Review – October 15, 2020;

6.         Bucks County Planning Commission – Review letter – February 28, 2020; and,

7.         Copy of the Plan


There are no major items for discussion and the Planning Commission had no objection to the waiver requests, which primarily are related to the existing conditions on Sackettsford Road. 


The property owner is only proposing a subdivision at this time with the intent to continue farming the newly created rear parcel.  Similar to a recent lot line change on the same road, the applicant has agreed to a seller's disclosure outlining the items that must be completed before a prospective buyer building on the newly created lot.  Primarily, this disclosure is to make a prospective buyer aware of all requirements prior to purchasing the property.  This has been incorporated in the draft motion.


A motion was made and seconded (Moore-O’Donnell) that we recommend to the Board of Supervisors approval of the Davis Preliminary/Final Minor Subdivision Plan, SLD 20-1, subject to compliance with the Gilmore Associates review letter dated October 13, 2020, the Pennoni Associates review letter dated October 8, 2020, and the McMahon Associates review letter dated October 15, 2020.  It is also recommended that the requested waivers be granted.  In addition, the following are conditions of approval:


  1. Before construction, a fee-in-lieu of sidewalks is required based on the Township fee schedule as calculated by the Township engineer. 
  2. Before construction, a fee-in-lieu of recreation/open space shall be submitted in the amount of $6,206.86 for the proposed building lot at the time of building permit submission.  This fee is not applicable to the lot with the existing dwelling.
  3. Before construction, approval of the Bucks County Health Department is required for the on-lot sewage and water facilities.
  4. Before construction, the applicant shall enter into a land development agreement and escrow agreement in a form acceptable to the Township solicitor and engineer.  This shall include a stormwater management maintenance and operations agreement.
  5. A note shall be added to the record plan identifying items to be addressed at the building permit stage.  
  6. A seller's disclosure is required to be recorded outlining these conditions and items to be addressed before building permit approval.
  7. All conditions and recommendations incorporated with the motion and minutes are subject to the Township Solicitor’s approval letter.

Chairman Selisker called for Board comment.

Mrs. Silver questioned if this property is planning to be sub-divided in the future since the front house is on the acre but the house in the back is on 15 acres. Mr. Blackburn stated, no the front property will be a rental property and possibly sold at a later time and the back property with the 15 acres will be farmed.

Chairman Selisker called for public comment. None was heard.

Motion passed 5-0.

Consider Resolution for Planning Module-Hereshire Homes (Spring Avenue)

Mr. Moore outlined the project and noted Hereshire Homes has submitted plans for a three-lot subdivision on Spring Avenue, which will be before you in the future when engineering issues are resolved.  At this point, they are submitting a planning module to DEP for approval for on-lot sewage systems.  As part of that process, a resolution must be passed by the Board of Supervisors.


The Municipal Authority has no objection since this project proposes on-lot systems and will not impact the public sewer system. 


A motion was made and seconded (Moore-Rose) that the DEP resolution R-20-1C for Plan Revision for New Land Development for Hereshire Homes be approved for the Spring Avenue Subdivision.


Chairman Selisker called for Board and public comment. None was heard.


Motion Passed 5-0.


Consider Authorization to Advertise an Ordinance Reducing the Speed Limit on New Road from 2nd Street Pike to Hatboro Road from 35 mph to 25 mph.


Mr. O’Donnell explained based on complaints about speeding on New Road, the Administration is recommending that the speed limit be reduced from 35 mph to 25 mph for the section of New Road from Second Street Pike to Hatboro Road.


The PA Motor Vehicle Code, Title 75, allows municipalities to establish a 25 MPH speed limit on any local road in a residential area without the need for an engineering study; however, an ordinance is required so that the speed limit is enforceable by the Police Department.  A copy of Title 75, sections 3362 and 6109 and a portion of PennDOT Publication 46 were provided for review.


The draft ordinance would amend the Township Code of Ordinances at Chapter 15, Motor Vehicles and Traffic to establish the 25 MPH speed limit on New Road.


A motion was made and seconded (O’Donnell-Silver) to authorize the Township Administration to advertise an ordinance amending the Township Code at Chapter 15, Motor Vehicles and Traffic, to establish a 25 MPH speed limit on New Road from Second Street Pike to Hatboro Road, and to schedule a public hearing to consider adopting the ordinance at the November 18, 2020 Board meeting


Chairman Selisker called for Board and public comment. None was heard.


Motion Passed 5-0.


Consider Resolution Authorizing the Township Manager to Execute a Traffic Signal Permit Plan Application for Relocation of a School Warning System at the Intersection of Upper Holland Road between Township Road and the Richboro Elementary SchoolEntrance

Mrs. Silver announced the Council Rock School District would like to modify the School Zone signals at Richboro Elementary School and Richboro Middle School to eliminate two of the four school zone flashing signals and create one school zone for the three schools.  The District is responsible for all costs associated with the project.


Mrs. Silver explained any modification to the existing signal permit plan requires the Township to apply to PennDOT for a modification to the existing signal permit plan, and a Resolution authorizing submission of the permit application and plan amendment to PennDOT.  The Resolution will authorize the Township Manager to sign the application and submit the plan for PennDOT approval.   


A motion was made and seconded (Silver-Rose) to approve Resolution #R-20-24 authorizing the Township Manager to apply to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for a revision to the School Zone signals on Upper Holland Road between the Richboro Elementary School and the Richboro Middle School to create a single school zone for all three schools on Upper Holland Road as requested by the Council Rock School District


Chairman Selisker called for Board comment.


Mrs. Silver stated this will make it safer and better for the kids.


Chairman Selisker called for public comment. None was heard.


Motion Passed 5-0.

Consider Appointment of a Certified Public Accountant


Dr. Rose explained Section 917 of the Second Class Township Code authorizes the Board of Supervisors to appoint a Certified Public Accounting firm to conduct an annual audit of Township accounts.


Bee, Bergvall & Company has previously conducted Township audits under a 3-year contract.  In past years the Finance Department has solicited proposals for this service and Bee, Bergvall & Company has always submitted the least costly proposal.  They have again submitted a proposal that is worthy of consideration for another 3-year period.  The proposed fees are as follows for the years 2020 through 2022:


                       Township              Fire Company

2019                 $20,900                       $5,300

2020                 $21,200                       $5,350

2021                 $21,500                       $5,400

2022                 $21,800                       $5,450


The total cost for the 2019 audit is $26,200, and Bee, Bergvall, & Company proposes an increase of $350 for each new year of the contract.  This fee includes an audit of the Northampton Township Volunteer Fire Company since it is considered a component unit of Township government.  I believe these fees are very competitive based on our previous experience with proposal solicitations and the increases are a modest 1.33%.


Under the Second Class Township Code, an advertisement was placed in the Bucks County Courier Times at least 30 days in advance of the anticipated appointment of a CPA firm to complete the Township audits.


The Administration believes It is important to continue to have continuity for another three years.  Cindy Bergvall, a principal in the firm, and primary contact for our account, and their staff has been most professional during previous audits.

A motion was made and seconded (Rose-O’Donnell) to accept the proposal from Bee, Bergvall and Company, Warrington, PA dated November 22, 2016, to complete the 2020 through 2022 audit of Township accounts.


Chairman Selisker called for Board comment.


Dr. Rose agrees with this recommendation and stated they are a great company.


Mrs. Silver stated  a discussion should be held regarding the Elected Auditors since we have a contract with an Auditing company.


Chairman Selisker called for public comment. None was heard.


Motion Passed 5-0.



Dr. Rose made the following announcements:


  • The Senior Center is still closed but is staying in touch and is providing virtual activities. If you have a suggestion reach out to Sheila or Kathy at 215-357-8199
  • The Parks and Recreation Departments are providing virtual classes, and programs. Go to northamptonpa.myrec.com for current information on the various classes, activities, and programs being offered
  • Halloween Happenings will take place this year on October 31st at the Municipal Park on Hatboro Road. Registration is still available and over 100 families have registered so far. Go to www.northamptonrec.com.

Mr. O’Donnell made the following announcements:

  • The Municipal Authority has announced there will no rate increase for water or sewer for the 2021 fiscal year.
  • The Library has reopened to the public on October 1, 2020 times are limited and masks are required at all times. For detailed information go to the Library’s website at www.northamptontownshiplibrary.org or see the Library’s Facebook page.

Mrs. Silver made the following announcements:

  • Wished everyone a happy and safe Halloween.

Chairman Selisker made the following announcements:

  • The Northampton Police will be holding a food drive on November 7th. Check out the Township website news feed at www.northamptontownship.com for additional information.
  • It's that time of year with colder weather, get your chimney cleaned and inspected. Also, make sure your fire extinguisher is ready and nearby.

Manager’s Report

  • The Township is seeing a reduction in misses with trash collection. Mascaro appears to be doing a better job, communication is better. We are operating at about 90% with the occasional misses. Any problems call the Front Desk of the Township Building at 215-357-6800 or via email at receptionist@nhtwp.org.
  • The 2021 Budget is in process and will be presented at the November 18, 2020 Board of Supervisors meeting. The recommendation will be no increase in taxes or fees.

Solicitor’s Report

Mr. Pizzo announced the Board met in executive session four (4) times since the last meeting. October 1, October 7, October 21, and October 28 just before tonight's meeting. The members of the Board, Mr. Pellegrino, Mr. Wert, the Township Engineer, and Mr. Pizzo himself were in attendance. October 1st, a matter of pending litigation was discussed, October 7, a matter of ongoing litigation and a personnel matter was discussed. October 21, a matter of ongoing litigation was discussed, and on October 28th two (2) matters of personnel litigation were discussed. No action was taken during any of the executive sessions and no action was taken tonight for any of the matters.


Chairman Selisker read into the record a question from the following resident and the resident was present to speak:

Kristina Hartley 147 Spring Avenue, stated I wish to comment publicly in opposition to the "No Left Turns" sign at the end of Spring Ave. at Buck Road. I don't know who made this decision, or why, but as a long time resident of Spring Ave., I can tell you it's a bad one. It's a dangerous intersection, situated as it is at the bottom of two hills with limited visibility because of the railroad bridge. However, forcing right turns only is neither viable nor safe, as you cannot see what traffic might be barreling northbound on Buck Road until you're out in the lane of traffic. Large/long vehicles absolutely can’t turn right without going into the opposite lane. It's just not a safer option.

If you look left you can see to the top of the hill, to the light at East/West Village Drive, from Spring Ave, well back from the traffic. (There are, however, several signs, as well as tree branches that obstruct the view that should be removed for our safety.) You can then creep out, look to your right, and go if it's clear. If someone was turning into Spring when you crept out, yes, there's a risk of collision, but it would be low speed. Compared with a head-on collision with a northbound driver going 45 mph or more, I'd prefer the fender bender.

I also request that the residents of Spring Avenue, who are the ones most affected by this, be included in the decision making, or at the very least kept informed.

Mr. Pellegrino stated he has been working closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and hopes to come to a resolution before the end of the year.

Pam & Gerry Duffey, 125 Hope Road, stated please do not approve building this monstrous Gas/Super WAWA in beautiful, quaint Holland Village at Buck and Rocksville Road on the Wright Property.  Even though the land is zoned C2, this eyesore does not belong in a mostly residential area. Holland does not need it, There is a regular WAWA that meets our needs and a Shell gas station that is currently on the property. We have 2 Super Wawa's within 3 miles of the proposed site and over 1,000 residents of Holland have signed a petition against this unwanted commercial intrusion into Holland.  Please listen to your residents.


Mrs. Silver asked the Duffey’s to sign up for email alerts on the Township website to keep informed of what is going on concerning this matter as well as many other items.


Chairman Selisker explained how to sign up and get on the list.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:13 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Frank O’Donnell, Secretary


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