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Safety-minded neighbors help create safe neighborhoods. That concept underlies the formation of the Town Watch program.  It's residents working together to solve concerns and issues affecting the quality of life in their community.

How Does a Town Watch Group Work?

The primary goal of a group is to bring the members of that neighborhood or sector of the Township together to work together to solve concerns and problems in their community.  Each member will work with a department liasion to exchance information and develop programs for their specific group area.

Each group has a designated group captain who will coordinate meetings and other events with other members of the group and their liasion.  The group may decide that their meetings should be formal or informal.  Many groups utilize their meetings as a great time to meet new neighbors and/or reaffirm established friendships.

The liasion will discuss a number of community policing methods that work with you. Your group and your resources will determine your degree of participation, but sound common sense and the law will govern your actions.

How Do I Go About Forming a Town Watch Group?

First, discuss the idea of forming a town watch with your family.  If everyone agrees it would be a good idea, then discuss it with your neighbors to see if there is any interest in your neighborhood or professional community.  If there's interest in the community, schedule a preliminary meeting with those interested and contact the Police Department to schedule a liasion to be present.  When contacted by a liasion, finalize your meeting schedule and the liasion will help you with organizing your group.

*The Police Department does not recommend or endorse the carrying of firearms or other weapons by members of a Town Watch group while on patrol or during any program activities.

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