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2018 Roadway Paving & Micro-Surfacing Program


The following roads are scheduled to paved or micro-surfaced with a target start date the end of July with a projected completed date of early September. The MAP depicts the various streets and is color coded for paving and micro-surfacing:


Paving Projects:


Middle Holland - Holland to Rockway

Arabian Way - Stoneyford to end

Rocksville Road - Holland Road to Buck Road

Rocksville Road - Holland Road to Lakeview

Bellwood Drive - Bridgetown to 1st Seam

Vermeer Drive - Vermeer to end

Polder Drive - Polder Drive to Cul De Sac

Hals Drive - Vermeer Drive to Meer Drive

Chapel Drive - Lark Drive to Seam between Dawn Drive

Grouse Court - Entire Length

Quail Drive - Chapel Drive to Lower Holland

Feather Court - Lark Drive to Cul De Sac

Langhorne Avenue - Bridgetown Pike to end




Twigkenham Drive - Entire Length

Edgewood Court - Entire Length

Windy Knoll Drive - Entire Length                          

Plymouth Court - Entire Length

Winterhurst Drive - Entire Length

Eagle Mount Drive  - Entire Length

Chimney Hill Drive - Entire Length

Chatham Court - Entire Length

Sunrise Court - Entire Length

Brae Bourne Drive - Entire Length


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